ProjectMOVE Presents:              Train for Adventure Challenge


Welcome to the Train for Adventure Challenge!

A 28 Day Path to Habitual Health:

Join Project MOVE from June 25th - July 22nd for our 3rd annual summer health and fitness challenge! 

  • Get effortless weight loss 
  • Create boundless energy
  • Develop vibrant health
  • Enhance Sexiness
  • Have FUN!

Link to Tracking Sheet and Downloads

Are you ready for a change of pace? Do you simply want to look and feel better? Are seeking an absolute transformation of your mind, body, and soul. I have GREAT news, friend. During the challenge, you’ll implement a simple set of healthy behaviors that will deliver all of these and more!


ProjectMOVE created the Grays Peak Challenge in 2016 as a way for our members, friends, and family to experience the almost unbelievable results of moving, eating and training just like a world class big mountain hiker! 

If you are new to exercise or a seasoned pro, this program is excellent for almost everyone! We are all about 21st-century habit-development focused on proper exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle choices. Here’s what to expect:

  • Effortless Weight Loss. When you exercise and eat the way humans were meant to, you’ll signal your genes to produce your optimal body composition with ease.
  • Boundless Energy. By removing toxins from your diet and focusing on proper sleep and hydration, you’ll experience a steady flow of clean energy to keep you motivated and focused all day long.
  • Vibrant Health. When your fitness, nutrition and lifestyle choices are well-aligned, you’ll develop a sense of vibrancy that will have everyone you know begging for your secrets.
  • Enhanced Sexiness. Did we mention that looking, feeling, and performing your best will help you feel sexier than ever?
  • FUN. The bottom line is that with all the great programming stuffed into 28 days, we're gonna have a GREAT time!


The Train for Adventure Challenge is a point-based challenge.

You'll score points for training up to four times per week at Project MOVE and doing one on your own (25 points total), you’ll score points for eating three balance meals per day (28 points total), you’ll score points for eliminating whole grains, sugar and vegetable oil from your diet (28 points total), and for creating daily healthy lifestyle habits like turning your screens off by 9pm, starting a gratitude journal, meditating, doing yoga, reading, etc. (28 points total)

Check out the Challenge Scoresheet for all the details.

To ensure your success you'll receive access to our private Facebook group, compete alongside 100+ highly motivated Coloradians, get discounts for local services, prizes and schwag from our sponsors, weekly practice hikes, local experts coming in to prepare you for the ultimate hike, and receive unlimited support from our expert staff.

(Plus a lot of other bonus things along the way... surprises every week!)

We’ve had well over 150 challenge participants since we began our challenges and consistently hear that social support and accountability is the key ingredient to truly implementing habit change.

At the end of each challenge week on Saturdays starting June 30th we will be taking you on optional day hikes that will culminate in one BIG hike to the tallest 14,000 foot peak of them all, Mt. Elbert! 

We will be inviting local experts in hiking, outdoor survival and navigation, mountain nutrition, and delivering top notch fitness classes to support you in your journey!

Find out why Movement Matters with Project MOVE

If you sign up 2 of your friends for the Train for Adventure Challenge you will get your entry FREE!


Training Objective - Exercise 5x Per Week

You’ll score for attending up to four sessions per week at ProjectMOVE (you can always do more) and one “workout” on your own. Your at-home workouts can be as easy as going for a walk or as strenuous as hill sprints. We’ll provide specific options based on your goals.

Nutrition Objective - Eat 3 Balanced Meals Per Day

Your goal is to eat three balanced meals per day. These meals must include protein + veggies + healthy fat. We’ll provide specific daily instructions and plenty of menu options to make sure your nutrition is simple and delicious.

Detox Objective - Avoid Dietary Toxins

Your goal is to eliminate grains, sugar and vegetable oils from your diet. These dietary toxins wreak havoc on every system in our body, including the brain and gut. You’ll learn exactly what foods to avoid to maximize your health. More importantly, you’ll build the preparation habits that result in delicious and nutritious meals available at all times.

Lifestyle Objective - You Choose!

You’ll have the opportunity to choose any healthy lifestyle habits to complete daily:

  • keep a gratitude journal
  • meditate for 5 minutes
  • get 15 minutes of sunlight
  • read for 20 minutes
  • get 8 hours of sleep
  • turn your screens off by 9pm
  • yoga


1. Who is the Challenge for?

The Train for Adventure Challenge is for anyone looking to take control of their fitness and health. It’s so easy to get stuck in a rut and feel like there’s no way out. What most people need is a simple plan and the support/accountability to stick to it for the long-haul.

If you want to be a part of a 175+member culture of fun and supportive Coloradians who love getting strong and moving well, don’t take themselves too seriously, and care about the community, then the Train for Adventure Challenge is perfect for you.

2. How does the challenge work?

This is a point-based challenge, with 25 points available each week. The points are broken out into four main objectives:

  1. Training (9 points per week) – your objective is to exercise five days per week. At least three sessions will be at Project MOVE, and your other two exercise session can be as easy as a long walk or as strenuous as a tough swim or bike ride.
  2. Nutrition (1 point per day) – your objective is to eat three balanced meals per day. A balanced meal means you consume protein + vegetable + healthy fat. We’ll provide thorough instructions. Each day you eat three balanced meals you get one point.
  3. Lifestyle (1 point per day) – you’ll get the option to choose between a few lifestyle habits, including meditation, journaling, and more. See the score sheet for specifics.
  4. Bonus (2 points per week) – each week we’ll announce a fun and playful bonus opportunity on our private Facebook group. These are specifically designed to build community and make you feel amazing. These surprises are always a highlight of the challenge.

The beauty of this scoring setup is the fact that you won’t sabotage your results if you slip up and eat a cookie or forget to eat protein at a meal. Each day is a fresh start and an opportunity to earn a point. We’ve seen massive success with 80% and above compliance. You don’t need to be perfect to achieve amazing results.

3. Do I need to give up ______ ?

That depends on the results you want to achieve. The lifestyle objective  could include eliminating grains, sugar, and vegetable oil. 100% elimination is the goal, but we’ve seen major success with 80% compliance and better. The beauty of our point-scoring system is that one slip-up won’t sabotage your score or your results.

4. Do I need to give up alcohol?

Nope! While we encourage you to consume in moderation, alcohol is allowed during the challenge. Keep in mind that grains are off-limits, which means beer and all grain-containing liquors (whiskey, most vodkas) are not allowed.

We suggest clear liquor (preferably 100% agave tequila) a splash of soda water and lime, a single glass of red wine, or a delicious (no sugar-added) dry cider. Again, moderation is key, as alcohol consumption impairs digestion and causes full-body inflammation — not cool if you’re trying to make a big change 

5. I'm gone most weekends during the challenge - can I still compete?

Absolutely! Travel and other distractions will always trick us into thinking we can’t be optimally healthy. We’ll show you exactly how to navigate parties, weddings, and other social events that often derail our health efforts.

Plus, the point scoring is setup so that you can still earn a very high score even with one “cheat day” per week 

If you’re traveling and/or have many social engagements coming up, that’s all the more reason to make your health and fitness a priority!

6. When can I train?

New members will choose a training group that best fits their schedule. We have options for all times of the day

7. What are the sessions like?

Each session is 60 minutes and includes dynamic warm-up, mobility exercises, power, strength, and conditioning.

8. Can I try a class before signing up?

Absolutely! Finding a fitness home is important and we want you to be 100% confident with your purchase. Send an email to with the subject: Challenge to set up your free trial session.

9. Where are you located?

Project MOVE is at 4925 S Santa Fe Dr in Littleton, CO (easiest to access through the Lowes parking lot off Belleview and Santa Fe).

Our facility has bathrooms, showers, fresh water and an amazing culture!

10. Is this a fat-loss challenge?

Absolutely not. This is a “habit-development challenge.” If you follow the objectives with at least 80% consistency there is a high probability that you will lose substantial body fat during the challenge in addition to building lean muscle. Scoring for this challenge is based on completing certain daily habits, while fat loss is simply a by-product


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