Built By You

A program that is built by EVERY member within ProjectMOVE unlimited. How? We vote! Every six to eight weeks you, the member, has the chance to vote on specific skills, strengths, endurance and movement techniques that you would like to gain and expand upon so that you may hit your goals faster and more efficiently. After a week of voting, our expert programmers will review everyone's votes and decide what focuses will be implanted into the Torque program.


Programmed with a Specific Goal

For the following four to eight weeks, everyday of the week will have a specific focus so you as the member, will know exactly what session(s) to attend to hit your individual goals as fast and efficient as possible. This is a focused program gives you the opportunity to develop new skills and master others. At the end of every program, you have the opportunity to challenge what you've gained and show your best in a community wide event known as GAME DAY!