the Project Move OCR on March 30th Is Donating 10% of OUR profits to the ground…

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More specifically, we are partnering with the non-profit The Savory Institute, to raise funds and awareness for sustainable/Regenerative agriculture and soil restoration around the globe in areas effected by desertification.

Desertification (soil quality) is a major direct influencer on issues of famine, poverty, flooding, wildlife and ecosystem, global warming, war torn regions, and refuge population around the world. It's estimated 50 million people will be displaced within the next 10 years due to desertification.

That’s where The Savory Institute comes in.

They empower local farmers, villages, communities, regions, and governments to not only stop but actually reverse such devastating damage! Moreover, the quality of the plant life and livestock that can thrive on such restored soil means not just minimal food for survival for these regions, but nutrient dense food that can be the foundation to truly sustainable Full Health & Life for anyone, anywhere! Worthy of even the most stringent health food store standards!

In other words, we shouldn’t have to be privileged or wealthy to be healthy, and with this regenerative agricultural approach, no one has to be!

Not only can it be sustainable for everyone to consume 100% grass-fed meat, but it’s actually the most sustainable and actually environmentally regenerative option before us!


The kind of work the Savory Institute is involved in is the most efficient and effective way to restore soil that can be adapted anywhere in the world, and restoring soil is likely the SINGLE most important, foundational and effective way to bring positive, lasting change in ALL of the above mentioned global issues.

In fact, you can start voting with your dollar for this change, by purchasing only 100% Grass-fed beef, asking your farmer if they practice rotational grazing, or regenerative practices, or searching for products that are Ecologically Outcome Verified.™

WE WANT TO INVITE YOU TO DOUBLE DOWN WITH US AND DONATE EVEN JUST AN EXTRA 10% of YOUR REGISTRATION, and invite your friends and family to do the same.

FOR every $50 Raised additional to our 10%, Race Director Marshall Thompson will do a lap of the Race Day Course… sO LET’S PUT HIM THROUGH THE GRINDER!

See some before and after photos below of work they've been involved in:

To further understand how holistic land management works as regenerative agriculture, watch this short video…