Move More and WIN $500! (one male/one female) A chance to win one of our Weekly Prizes

The person to track/log the most workouts in 60 days will win a…

$500 CASH MONEY PRIZES!! (one male/one female)
BEGIN DATE: June 15th
END DATE: August 14th
**Last day to enter: June 14th 11:59 PM

**If there are 50 entries Male & Female Winners will receive $1,000 EACH

Workout TBA

*Must be 18 years or older
*and be available on August 10th at 10am in the likely event of a tie breaker at this location: ProjectMOVE



Current members $60 OR  only 2 payments of $30 to enter 

Non Members get 50% off  ProjectMOVE Unlimited membership when you join the Move More Challenge

1. Who is the Challenge for?

If you enjoy being showered in money, being the fittest you’ve ever been but lack the inspiration and motivation to get there, the move more challenge is for you!

2. How will I track my workouts?

  • Anytime you work out, you must sign into the kiosk at ProjectMOVE before your workout and check in to the ProjectMOVE Facebook page and include the tag: #MoveMoreChallenge
  • Anytime you work out, you MUST log your workout into SugarWOD and make ProjectMOVE “your box”
  • Acceptable workouts include ALL ProjectMOVE group and private classes, except Mobility, running, biking, hiking, and ANY weekend ProjectMOVE summer activity. See summer activities here
  • You can track your workout on “MAP MY RUN” or ANY app/device that tracks your workout and take a screenshot along with your sweaty photo proof, and post that to the Move More Challenge FB group page
  • Minimum workout time: 45 mins (We want to see sweat!)
  • Only 1 workout can be submitted per day and it must be submitted by 11:59 the day you wish it to count
  • Workouts cannot exceed 53 in total. (6x per week)

**Whether your workout proof will count or not is ultimately up to the discretion of the challenge judges. Don’t cut corners, do it right, log it in detail and make it obvious! 

3. Do I need to give up ______ ?

Short answer, no BUT that depends on the results you want to achieve. We want you to create a healthy lifestyle that you can maintain forever. Studies have shown that by reducing or eliminating foods that cause inflammation like grains, sugar, dairy, legumes, alcohol and vegetable oil you can significantly reduce your risk of disease and lose body fat too!

4. Do I need to give up alcohol?

Nope! While we encourage you to consume in moderation, alcohol is allowed during the challenge.

We suggest clear liquor (preferably 100% agave tequila) a splash of soda water and lime, a single glass of red wine, or a delicious (no sugar-added) dry cider. Again, moderation is key, as alcohol consumption impairs digestion and causes full-body inflammation — not cool if you’re trying to make a big change

5. I’m gone most weekends during the challenge – can I still compete?

Absolutely! Travel and other distractions will always trick us into thinking we can’t be optimally healthy. We’ll show you exactly how to navigate parties, weddings, and other social events that often derail our health efforts.

If and when you travel during the challenge you will post your workout along your sweaty proof on the Move More Challenge FaceBook page

If you’re traveling and/or have many social engagements coming up, that’s all the more reason to make your health and fitness a priority!

6. When can I train?

New members will choose a training group that best fits their schedule. We offer Endurance based classes, Performance WOD, Kettlebell classes, Torque (fitness through skill) classes, Barbell (Oly-lifting) classes, Competitors classes, Mobility classes, Yoga, foundations and private training/semi-private training. For the full schedule of classes go HERE.

7. What are the sessions like?

Each session is 30-60 minutes and includes dynamic warm-up, mobility exercises, power, strength, and conditioning.

8. Can I try a class before signing up?

Absolutely! Finding a fitness home is important and we want you to be 100% confident with your purchase. Send an email to ( with the subject: “Challenge” to set up your free trial session.

9. Where are we located?

Project MOVE is at 4925 S Santa Fe Dr in Littleton, CO (easiest to access through the Lowes parking lot off Belleview and Santa Fe)

Our facility has bathrooms, lockers, showers, Chiropractic, Occupational Therapy, custom orthotics and an amazing culture!

10. How do I join?

1.) ProjectMOVE members can start for only $30 until May 31st and get;

  • Nutrition Tips with Luke
  • A chance to win $500 (one male/one female)
  • Unlimited large group classes
  • Before and after measurements
  • Access to your Move More team through a – Facebook accountability group

2.) Join ProjectMOVE for 50% Off your first 2 months + challenge fee = $460 $130 x 2/mo (save $200)

  • Nutrition Tips with Luke
  • A chance to win $500 (one male/one female)
  • Unlimited large and group classes for one month including, Performance WOD, Kettlebells, Torque, Barbell, Endure, Mobility, Yoga and Foundations
  • Before and after measurements
  • Access to your Move More team through a – Facebook accountability group

3.) BONUS! For every friend, co-worker, and/or family member you refer to the challenge, you will receive $10 off your entry fee. Yes, your challenge can be FREE! and who doesn’t want to challenge there family and freinds to a little friendly competition

**Current members pay an initial $30 entry fee + $30 at the beginning of month 2.  Members can also choose to pay the entire $60 fee upfront.