My journey through fitness has been here there and everywhere. I have been an athlete my whole life and that’s probably where it all started. I loved lifting weights in high school for football and rugby. As I continued playing sports through college I tried all different types of training. Through out all of this I was named a Collegiate All American in rugby my senior year.

Upon graduating, I went on to play for the Denver Barbarians in the Rugby Super League. While playing with the Barbos, this is where I found CrossFit and my life was forever changed. After my playing days had concluded, I jumped head first into coaching and training.

I have been lucky enough to coach all around the world, from Denver, to Chicago and then to Vienna. It truly has been a remarkable journey, and I look forward to continuing it with FIT and CrossFit Park Meadows, and Littleton!

CrossFit Level 1
USAW Sports Performance Coach<