Fearless obstacle race Training 

Obstacles are part of life.  They don’t represent a need to retreat but rather the opportunity to excel…to triumph.  Obstacles are the things that allow us to refine our skills and our spirits so that we can reach our potential, regardless of the effort required to do so.  For most folks, the thought of having something stand in the way of achievement is distasteful but for that rare spirit, the one that thrives on challenge and is built on character, the exact opposite is true.  The chance to prove oneself to oneself is the ultimate adventure of spirit, a rite of passage to become better tomorrow because of today.  Obstacles in our lives are really nothing more than:

O:  Opportunities
B:  Brought
S:  Simply
T:  To
A:  Accelerate
C:  Clarity
L:  Learning, and
E:  Excllence

Come join us on a journey of increased Clarity, Learning and Excellence!  Our Fearless Obstacle Race Training program is designed specifically to allow you to succeed in “the race” as well as the real race known as your life.  By being a part of our Fearless OCR program, you will get the best instruction on HOW to succeed in your race while becoming stronger, more fit, and tougher, both mentally and emotionally.  Reserve your spot now to unleash your spirit of adventure…to take your rite of passage.  Now is the time, ProjectMOVE is the place, and YOU are the one called to be GREAT!  Sign up today to become your best and save 25%.  This class has limited space, so reserve your spot now! This is the program your spirit has been waiting for!!

Justin Rewa

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