CrossFit Elements

Mon, Wed, Fri 6 & 10am

Purpose of CrossFit Elements:

  • To introduce movements

  • To teach the points of performance

  • To correct the common faults

  • To reveal the science behind the program

  • To show you how to eat

  • To teach the flow of a typical workout

  • To teach the progressions

  • Training consists of 10 components = agility, strength, endurance, accuracy, flexibility, power, stamina, coordination, balance, speed - the Base Camp program will show you how to incorporate each component.

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1) The CrossFit Elements Program starts with a 1-1 Strategy Session appointment. We want to build a unique game plan for you to achieve your goals.

2) Next we will take you through 12 group training sessions strategically designed to equip you with the foundation needed to start CrossFit and/or Kettlebell group training.

3) We will then integrate you into group training sessions. We will walk with you every step of the way.

4) Complete first month with a 1-1 meeting to determine best strategy to achieve personal fitness goals.

Additional things you will learn in the CrossFit Elements Program?

  1. What is the difference between flexibility, stability and mobility?

  2. What does it mean to “be fit?” What is “fitness?” How is fitness achieved?

  3. With all the trends and various information available about nutrition, ProjectMOVE has settled on a few key “non-negotiables” we encourage all our members to participate.

  4. Some athletes may become concerned about over training, sore muscles, and potential injury. Many factors affect healing and rejuvenation from intense workouts, sports, and other challenges in life. Every athlete should review the recovery checklist to determine if any item is missing or needs to be adjusted prior to changing exercise routine.

  5. Coach + Plan + Team  = Results and COMMITMENT

  1. Coach: At PM, “Coach” is a group of people who will guide you every step of the way. Each coach at PM is a professional seeking to daily master his craft of serving people to achieve fitness and performance results. Commit to trusting your coaches, do what they say, check results after 6 months.

  2. Plan: The plan is designed by the PM coaching team made up of professional strength & conditioning coaches, doctors, PhDs, and mentors from around the world. Our training program is influenced and has many likenesses of other CrossFit programs but is unmistakably, uniquely, ProjectMOVE fitness and performance plan.

  3. Team: No one person has what it takes to be successful by themselves. Any great achievement was surrounded by a team of people, each supporting in their own way. Your teammates play a vital role in your success and YOU play a vital role in their success. Our community will push you to do more but will also support you through times when you just need positive encouragement.

  4. Commitment: We challenge you to commit to your coach, plan, and team for 6 months! You truly cannot justifiably measure results until you have committed to the ProjectMOVE way until you have been consistent for 26 weeks. If you do, we know you will be excited for the results.