Human Movement and Sports Performance

Natural selection leads an athlete towards his natural strengths. Proper training can develop these strengths into increased performance on the playing field. Performance Specialists at ProjectMOVE have the knowledge and experience to help athletes maximize their full potential at every age and skill level.

The human body has an incredible capacity to build and improve. Under the right training system, there seems no limit to it’s capabilities. A proper training program considers the unique demands of the sport and seeks to create a multi-dimensional athlete by exposing him/her to various speed, strength, power, and core movements – particularly those inherent in the athletes sport.

The majority of human movement begins in the core, drives force into the ground, and proceeds to the extremities. In addition to the way the body recruits specific muscle fibers, sport movement also recruits specific energy systems to supply fuel during activity. The energy system used is dependent on the power requirement and duration producing the action. Think it as developing the right fuel, for the right engine, for the right activity. This is why functional movement training is so essential for sport specific training. We understand the importance of programming to improve sports performance, not just for overall fitness.

The youth athlete’s body is constantly growing and changing. Exposing the athlete to a variety of skills, movements, and training environments develop a strong athletic foundation to build a specialization. Neuromuscular adaptation (muscle memory) achieved as a youth athlete is critical to the successful development of sports skills as the athlete matures. Proper coaching, age and sport specific programming, performance nutrition, and an athlete’s passionately driven heart leads to great success on the field of play.

At ProjectMOVE, we are professional coaches capable of creating the right program for every athlete utilizing our education, experience and state-of-the-art training facility. We are recovery and treatment professionals because every athlete pushing their bodies to the extreme needs of performance and hence recovery and repair. Typically only college and professional athletes treat their body with such care. However, we, at ProjectMOVE believe every athlete should have access to the tools and training needed to fuel their talents and passion.

By: Dr. Jim Hoven