Mid Week Motivation

We all know the feeling, we open SugarWOD, excited to see tomorrow's workout, and then our stomach drops. Snatches! Overhead Squats! [insert least favorite movement here]

It's easy to become intimidated by the movements we hate or haven't yet mastered. It's easy to see the workouts we don't want to do and decide to make that day a rest day, but these are the days when showing up is most important. These are the days when we swallow our pride for the sake of improvement. These are the days when we battle frustration, knowing the eventual satisfaction will be worth the struggle. These are the days we make breakthroughs and do things we never thought we could.

Embrace these days, you'll be better for it in the end.

Quick Snatch Tips

The snatch is the pinnacle of kettlebell movements. The object is to bring the kettlebell from between the legs to overhead in one fluid, uninterrupted motion. The power of the snatch is generated from the hips and then guided above the head with accurate positioning of the hand and arm.

The ballistic swing of the snatch does several things that improve athleticism. When done properly and with enough force, it can make a kettlebell feel four times its weight. Strength is developed in your grip, your back, core and legs. Power is increased for running, jumping, and anything athletic thing you do. Studies at the University of Wisconsin (Click Here) showed that snatching a kettlebell not only burns 20 calories per minute, but can be the equivalent of running a 6 minute mile!

The set up is your first rep. Before touching the kettlebell, position your feet hip with apart and hinge your hips back, keeping a neutral spine. With the kettlebell set up 6-12 inches in front of your toes, reach for the handle and pull it toward you, keeping your shoulders square. Engage your lats, breathe in thru you nose, brace your core and hike the bell aggressively between your legs, keeping your hips down. When the bell is all the way between your legs, squeeze your glutes to drive hips forward and up. When your hips are fully extended, let out a full exhalation of breath. As the bell rises, keep your elbow in close to your side and guide the bell up the midline of your body. When the bell is above your head, it should feel weightless. Relax your grip and punch your hand up to the sky, allowing the kettlebell to rotate around and land softly on your wrist. 

Own the top position by pausing briefly with your elbow locked out, wrist straight and strong, keeping your shoulder packed and your ribs down.

The descent must be active, aggressively flip the bell over your wrist, as the bell descends, pull your elbow back to your side and pull the kettlebell back between your legs, taking a breath in thru your nose, returning to the start position after the hike. Do 5 reps on each arm every minute for 7 minutes until it feels natural, then add one more rep until you can easily do 10. Now, its time to increase the load and start over at 5.

The kettlebell snatch develops athleticism by increasing strength, power and endurance. Try a class taught Monday - Friday at 9am and 5:30pm by one of our professional coaches and experience it for yourself! 

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