Mover of the Month - Ricky Dorris


Mover of the Month

Congratulations Ricky Dorris! Ricky is an Army Veteran that just moved to Colorado from Tennessee. He walked into ProjectMOVE and quickly made it his home. He wants to stay in great shape for running and snowboarding.  Last month he achieved ProjectMOVE Beastmode status by attending 18 classes! We look forward to the future with you Ricky!

PM: Tell me 3 thing about yourself people may not know

Ricky: 1) I’m 25 years old. 2) I lived in Germany for 3 years. 3) I've been to 17 different countries.


PM: What's your great achievement at PM?

Ricky: I have been getting kipping pull-ups down.


PM: What is the greatest impact PM has had on your life?

Ricky: ProjectMOVE has improved my overall strength and flexibility which makes my job as a welder a lot easier.


PM: What are your future goals at PM?

Ricky: To make it through Memorial Day Murph with a halfway decent time and not dying.  


Mover of the Month - Steve Mock


Mover of the Month

Congratulations Steve Mock! Steve shows up, puts the work in and is getting great results. We have loved watching him get stronger and embracing the burpee as his favorite, albeit one of the most challenging movements for him. We look forward to the future with you Steve!

PM: Tell me 3 thing about yourself people may not know

Steve: 1) Between 2014 and 2015 I spent 1500 hours on the tennis court, teaching my daughter how to play tennis. 2) I love to cook for my family every night, some of my specialties include lasagna, wings, tacos, super burritos, and Thai chicken. 3) I signed up for CrossFit because my son Joe wanted to do it and he wanted me to do it with him so that we could bond together.


PM: What's your great achievement at PM?

Steve: Over 75 burpees in less than 10 minutes, tripling my production (Built up to that on GOAT days, started at 25)


PM: What is the greatest impact PM has had on your life?

Steve: My mobility has increased substantially, my muscles feel like they are exploding, and me and Joe talk CrossFit for hours and hours at night and on the weekends.  


PM: What are your future goals at PM?

Steve: I would like to continue to lose body fat and continue to establish CrossFit in my regular routine Monday through Friday, eventually being able to Rx workouts.  


Training Frequency


“How often should I becoming in?” “Am I doing too many classes? Not enough? I’m not really too sore…”  This is a great question, and a notable concern.  You want to succeed in your health and fitness goals, but not burnout. Whether you have been training for years, or you are trying our Project Move intro class, and anything in between, gauging how often to workout can be challenging. It can be especially challenging because it will change as you gain experience, improve fitness levels, and with your evolving goals.  There are a few factors to consider when deciding on frequency, and maybe you change your frequency in a month - that’s ok! It’s your journey. Keep talking to the coaches and we’ll figure it out together.

OK, let’s break this down.  Here are the main considerations: gym experience, how long have you been active, intensity, age, availability, and avoiding burnout.

Let me start with a story: I worked with a woman a few years back.  She reported that it had been nearly 15 years since she had worked out consistently.  She became very motivated to start working out again at the age of 50. We were both pretty pumped to start working together.  But, she was too eager. For the first month she worked out twice a day. I had to tell her to calm down, do less. She resisted but eventually complied, but still maintained two-a-days a few days a week.  I warned her that she would hurt herself, weight loss takes time. I even turned her away for a training session. She eventually changed trainers. She was noticeably tired, more sore and even becoming indifferent toward exercise.  She came in fewer days, and eventually she wasn’t coming in at all. She burned out after just a few months.

The first thing to consider is what is reasonable for you, and sustainable.  Maybe you have the time to come in five times a week, but will you keep that up?  Give yourself rest days, especially if you are new to working out. Sustainable training is crucial to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. If your classes are super intense, go to fewer classes a week and buffer the other days with lower intensity workouts.  If you prefer less intense exercise, do more throughout the week. Intensity and frequency are inversely related: the higher the intensity, the lower the frequency, and vice versa. Please consider this to avoid burnout.

Are you new to this whole working out thing?  Or was is once a past life time? You’ve been active, but trying to bump it up notch.  If you are completely new, or have taken a decade hiatus, try two to three days a week.  You will experience muscle fatigue and soreness, which you may think you can work through, but your brain is actually really working as well.  At the beginning of any new program, you are learning lots of new skills and movement patterns, your central nervous system is in overdrive.  Your brain needs to recover, too. So ease into it. OR, you’ve been at it for a few months, you feel good and confident. Add a day a week, see how you respond and go from there.  

How old are you?  As we get older, our recovery mechanisms take a little longer.  So if you’re 22 and new to working out, you still may only need a one day rest.  But if you’re 50, maybe two days to rest. Everyone will be different, but especially if you’re unsure start conservatively.  When you find yourself in the gym consistently for a few weeks (or months) your recovery time will improve. So consider your age, and your experience with the movements.  

How much time do you have? This may seem obvious - but your frequency will also depend on how much time you can allot to the gym.  However, don’t make it an excuse. Make time for your physical health, set a schedule so you actually maintain it.

We want all of you to be successful in our gym.  If you feel overwhelmed, or underwhelmed, talk to a coach.  As I said, everyone will be a little different. Start with these considerations to determine a starting point and adjust from there.  See you at the gym!

Emily Kulakowski


YSS™ Coach