Mover of the Month - Ricky Dorris


Mover of the Month

Congratulations Ricky Dorris! Ricky is an Army Veteran that just moved to Colorado from Tennessee. He walked into ProjectMOVE and quickly made it his home. He wants to stay in great shape for running and snowboarding.  Last month he achieved ProjectMOVE Beastmode status by attending 18 classes! We look forward to the future with you Ricky!

PM: Tell me 3 thing about yourself people may not know

Ricky: 1) I’m 25 years old. 2) I lived in Germany for 3 years. 3) I've been to 17 different countries.


PM: What's your great achievement at PM?

Ricky: I have been getting kipping pull-ups down.


PM: What is the greatest impact PM has had on your life?

Ricky: ProjectMOVE has improved my overall strength and flexibility which makes my job as a welder a lot easier.


PM: What are your future goals at PM?

Ricky: To make it through Memorial Day Murph with a halfway decent time and not dying.