Yoga: More than Just Stretching

To understand and appreciate the benefits of yoga, it’s imperative to understand that yoga is not just stretching.

Yoga is a Hindu discipline, which includes breath control, simple meditation, and the adoption of specific bodily postures. 

  • Asanas (physical postures)

  • Pranayama (control of breathing)

  • Meditation 

From the outside looking in, asana (the physical postures) may look like it is just stretching and/or exercise.  But just because you don’t see the other two components (breathing control and meditation), it doesn’t mean they aren’t being focused on just as much.  

Pranayama (breathing) and meditation take yoga from stretching and strengthening the body to stretching and strengthening the body and mind.    

The goal of yoga is to create wholeness, a union of the breath, body, and the mind. When you practice yoga regularly the positive outcomes can be endless.  In a number of studies, it has been concluded that yoga can: 

  • decrease stress 

  • develops coping skills 

  • positive outlook on life 

  • more mindful 

  • lower blood pressure/cholesterol/blood sugar 

Yoga is about so much more than physical movement. While it’s true that practicing yoga can improve flexibility, strength, endurance and balance, it also facilitates characteristics of mindfulness, compassion and kindness. Other important outcomes include changes in life, perspective, increased self-awareness, improved energy to live life joyfully and enlightening the individual to an overall sense of calmness and wellbeing.

ProjectMOVE’s coaches regularly recommend yoga to our members. We believe yoga helps members increase their flexibility and strength, as well as being a great tool to help members gain balance in their body and control of fine motor skills.  The breathing component of yoga is equally as important to help get oxygen to all of the body's muscles and organs.  Practicing yoga connects the mind, body, and spirit as one and works to keep the whole body healthy. 

All of ProjectMOVE members are granted access to Outlaw Yoga and Core Power. We have partnered with these two studios to offer 1 session/week (4 sessions/month) of a yoga practice as part of our membership. Our philosophy is to support our member’s whole body health inside and outside of our gym. 

You can learn more about our partners HERE