CrossFit and World Peace?

Recently my husband and I were traveling in Mexico for a long weekend, just long enough that we had to find another gym to do the CrossFit Open 18.2 workout.  We had from Thursday night until Monday early evening to finish and log the workout, the exact timing we were traveling in Puerta Vallerta.

We not only found a CrossFit gym in Puerta Vallerta, we found six!  We chose the one that responded quickly and had hours on a Sunday which worked with our schedule.  When we arrived at the gym that Sunday morning we were received by its owners and other members with huge smiles and gracious welcomes.  Our gym, ProjectMOVE, had an ‘eighties event’ that we missed for 18.2.  People dressed in neon, leg warmers, short shorts, ripped sweatshirts and mustaches.    I was so disappointed to miss the fun.  Who knew I would find something so grand in Puerta Vallerta that made it all worth it…

That morning, we did our workout, completed in good time and it was a great experience.  As I reflected on the morning I began to realize the vast gratitude I have for being a part of CrossFit—as an athlete, with an affiliate, and as, quite simply--a huge advocate.  Here I am, traveling around the world, needing a gym to do my workout at, and I easily find it here in Mexico.  Not only do I find a great gym, but I find people who are kind and welcoming, who cheer me on, who hold me to a common standard, who give me tips to be even better and who fist bump me at the end.  They thank me for coming and I thank them for being there.

The enormity of the kindness of the people at Bahia CrossFit brought me to tears as I rode an Uber back to our hotel.  Here I find myself in another city, in another country, speaking a different language—and right away I find my people.   And despite my ridiculously awful spanish (and their great english…) we speak the same language.  We speak the language of CrossFit.  During Open season, we have a common workout every week—one that every cross fitter in the world is joining together as a way to measure fitness.  That day, we got to complete the workout in Mexico.  We got to do the workout with people that we met for the first time but who knew exactly what we were coming for:  who knew the rules, who had the equipment we needed, who knew we needed someone to count our reps and watch us, and who were more than willing to be there with us for all of it.  We were cheered on 'en espagnol’-- ‘uno mas!!!’, 'uno!, dos!, tres!, quattro!' etc etc. throughout the workout.  We got to enjoy the differences of that gym to ours, learn from their geniuses, and appreciate all that is the same amongst the places to train.


The beauty of this situation was not lost on me as we drove back to our hotel, with our incredibly friendly uber driver, who was beyond curious about why we would take a 30 minute cab to a building/wherehouse off a dirt road, off the beaten path, just to workout.    By the end of the ride, and our CrossFit conversation, we realize he might just be Puerta Vallerta’s next CrossFitter.  We told him that we go there because we are part of something bigger than ourselves.  We are part of something that brings people in the world together rather than apart.  We told him we do CrossFit because it gives us something….something in our lives….that before doing CrossFit we didn’t even know was missing.  It gives us a chance to be greater.  And not just once in a while…such as after that bucket list mountain climb, or that long awaited fantastic trip/adventure, or achieving some level of business success…

With CrossFit, we get to be greater every day--every day that we show up to the gym.  Sometimes that greater is adding a little more weight and still completing the workout.  Sometimes that greater is a PR lift.  Sometimes that greater is recognizing what my body is up for that day—and scaling the weights and reps, down or up, to match what works on that day.  Sometimes its encouraging a friend to scale the intensity up.  Sometimes its encouraging a friend to scale the intensity down.  Sometimes its just showing up when I thought I wasn’t in the mood.  Sometimes its working on mobility instead of the prescribed workout that day.  Sometimes its staying late after the workout to work, again, on double under jumproping…or another of the many skills in CrossFit.  


My CrossFit obsession grew even greater that day I completed 18.2.  On that memorable uber ride from the gym I began to wonder—what if being a part of CrossFit is a grassroots way towards world peace?  What if a habit like going to the gym can not only create myself greater every day…but what if it can create a better world?    Ok, maybe I'm a dreamer.  (but I’m not the only one…)

But on that day, just by showing up at Bahia CrossFit, I found my people.  I found people who are willing to work a little harder.  I found people who are willing to be greater than they were yesterday…and who wonder what greatness might lie in tomorrow.  I found people who practice being more in their life...every single day.  I found people who are willing to be kinder than is required.  I found people who are just happy to meet another CrossFitter.   On that day, I found my people.  And I know how to find them quickly, and anywhere in the world.  


World peace through CrossFit…….why not?