I’ve heard it said ‘how you do one thing is how you do everything’–

and this morning as I was finishing up a difficult, muscle fatiguing, pushing my body to the finish (and limit) type high intensity workout–it dawned on me this couldn’t be more true.

I had lots of reasons and excuses to skip my normal CrossFit routine this morning–I got to bed late, I was out at a fundraiser last night–raising money for a good cause.   The event hosted 6 wineries tasting 5-20 bottles each—and served minimal food–my body wasn’t primed for a high intensity workout early this morning.

But I did something I’m good at doing–I showed up.  I didn’t let excuses decide how my morning would go.  I tend to make choices according to how they will create my future, not about how I ‘feel’ right now.  I know showing up at the gym will create a better day for me than sleeping in and waking up groggy, without making time to move my body.

In order to show up, sometimes I have to take a minute to work with my mindset.  I can be competitive and I like to perform well. I don’t like having off days. However beyond all the reasons that might get voiced in my head…what tends to reign true for me is that despite it all, I’m willing to show up.  This morning I was grateful for this habit of mine.  This morning, to my surprise, I had a strong workout.  I ‘performed’ well, and my body felt good.  The workout was difficult and took some tenacity to keep my pace all the way to the finish.  I had to push my body more than I really ‘felt like’ doing–but my body was loving it.  My body loved moving the blood and oxygen through me and the excess wine and lack of food from the night didn’t appear to hinder my workout.    Yet, upon waking at 5am, it seemed to be a silly decision to get up and go to the gym when I was ‘feeling’ so tired and heavy.  I would have never predicted my body could do what it ended up doing during the workout. Yet I showed up at the gym because I was willing to have any kind of a workout.  I knew even a poor workout would create a better day than none. This workout took strength, tenacity and a lot of stamina.  And today, due to my simple willingness to show up–I got to practice and work the muscle of strength, the muscle of stamina and the muscle of tenacity.

CrossFit–it gives me a place to practice values.  I value strength.  I value stamina.  I value tenacity.    At the gym I get to practice values that are important to me daily.  When obstacles show up in business, in parenting, in relationships, with money, and everywhere in life–I already have a practice of living and choosing according to my values.  I have a practice to move beyond what I think I can do.  I get to experience choosing tenacity, strength and stamina (and more) daily.   When it comes to living these values in other areas of my life–its not uncomfortable and its not foreign.  I get to practice every day.

Being a CrossFitter is so much more than just ‘working out’.  It gives me practice to be the best version of me every day.  They say practice makes perfect.  I’d say practice creates habits and makes it easier to choose that which is important to me.  And if how I do one thing is how I do everything–when I practice tenacity, when I practice strength and when I practice stamina–regularly–then naturally it becomes what I choose and how I live my life.  This morning, it started with showing up.  This morning, I got to practice values.  This morning I lived beyond RX.