What size kettlebell is right for you?

With all the different size and shaped kettlebells, It might be hard to know what's right for you. Here's my easy beginner guide to sizing the right bell for you.
There are many different types of kettlebells. The two most common are competition style and hard style. Competition kettlebells are made with stainless steel, are all the same size and are painted different colors for size. Hardstyle kettlebells are cast iron, increase in size with increased weight, and are typically black. (Some have a small amount of color to indicate weight)
Unless you are looking to practice for kettlebell competitions, for everyday use, I prefer hardstyle bells. For a completely deconditioned female an 8kg (18lb) bell is best and for a male a 12kg (26lb) bell. For the occasional gym goer female a 10kg (22lb) bell and for a male 12-16kg (26-35lb) is best. For a fit, regular gym going female a 12kg (26lb) bell and for a male 16kg (35lb) is best. Lastly, for a very strong, athletic female a 12-16kg (26-35lb) bell and for a male 20-24kg (44-52lb) is best.
I hope this helps you when starting your practice with kettlebells! Always use your best judgement when choosing the right size kettlebell. I recommend finding a certified StrongFirst instructor to teach you the best most effective kettlebell practices.