Leadership, Morals, and Character

Leadership, Morals and Character. When people think of great leaders in sports, names like Peyton Manning, Michael Jordan, Coach John Wooden and Pat Summit come to mind. Examining the on-field /on-court performances of these individuals reveals some amazing characteristics that are clearly on display.

  1. They lead by example. They don’t ask someone to do something that they aren’t willing to do themselves. All of these amazing team leaders work harder than their teammates…they spend more time practicing specific parts of their game, reviewing film and studying their opponents.

  2. They share their wisdom. As they became better and better at their specific skills, they shared what they learned with others on the team who could help achieve the ultimate goal…winning championships.

  3. They delegate key activities. No leader can do everything. Coaches need players to fill specific roles and players need to do their best to master their position or skill so that they are a single piece of a bunch of master pieces whose final product is a masterpiece!

  4. They always look to give credit to others. When the team succeeds, true leaders look to pass the glory and credit on to others knowing that this fuels them to continue to improve, and it grooms them to be better leaders as well.

The best leaders do more than demonstrate their skills on the field or the court, they are also always looking to be a role model outside of the lines as well. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they go out to make themselves known as “saints”, but they believe in using their platform to influence others to be good, to do good, and to share that good with others. Many of the best leaders donate time and resources to local and national causes…they give of themselves to those who have far less than many of us. Through their example, these great leaders give all of us the opportunity to watch, to learn, and to grow into great leaders ourselves.