Increase Your Daily Water Intake

Todays #fittipfriday is going to give you some tips on how you can increase your water intake daily. Drinking enough water everyday can be a challenge if you are not someone who loves water. Here are 10 ways to help you drink more water everyday.

  1. USE A STRAW: There’s something about drinking out of a straw that makes it just a little bit easier.

  2. BUY A WATER BOTTLE YOU LIKE: If you invest a few dollars into a water bottle that you actually like, you may be more excited to drink more water. If you can buy a water bottle that is 32-48 ounces, it’ll be a lot easier! (My personal favorite)

  3. SET AN ALARM EVERY HOUR: Every hour, on the hour – set an alarm to remind you to drink up. Ideally, a cup of water would be great, but even if it’s just a few sips, it helps.

  4. SPICE IT UP WITH FRUIT: Plain water can easily get boring, so add in a few slices of lemon, lime, berries, or even cucumber and ginger! I know this makes me feel like I’m drinking spa water vs plain water. (

  5. DRINK 1 CUP BEFORE EVERY MEAL: Did you know that it’s hard to tell the difference between feeling thirst and hunger? Drinking some water before you eat a meal can help you to avoid overeating.

  6. EVERY TIME YOU GO TO THE BATHROOM, DRINK 1 CUP: This is another simple habit that you can’t avoid. If you worry about running to the bathroom since you’re drinking more water, try and trick yourself by drinking extra water whenever you have to actually go.

  7. DRINK 2 CUPS RIGHT BEFORE BED: I know there’s probably no science behind this, but I feel better when I drink a little water before I go to bed. I feel like my skin looks better when I wake up too. Maybe it helps me wake up less dehydrated?

  8. COMPETE WITH A FRIEND: We are always tracking steps, exercise, and workouts – so why not track (and compete) with the amount of water we consume everyday? Now don’t go crazy and over drink – but see who can drink 8 cups of water first.

  9. WHEN IT CROSSES YOUR MIND, DRINK.This one is super simple, when you think about it, drink!

  10. FOR EVERY NON-WATER BEVERAGE, DRINK 2 CUPS OF WATER.  Ideally, you wouldn't be drinking much liquids besides, coffee, your fruit infused water and alcohol (in moderation).So when you drink drink coffee. Alcohol or anything other than water, follow up with water. This is similar to the age-old drinking trick – for every alcoholic beverage.