Breaking Down Brick Walls - The Athlete Mindset

Difficulty is every single day out there you're gonna have the struggles in brick walls you have to go through and the brick walls that we want you to see are not something you should shy away from.  We want to give you the tools and the power and the preparedness in here to be able to see that brick wall and say and understand realize that brick walls have been put in front of us to show you how bad we want something and so we're gonna go through the brick wall because we know that by doing it will gain the strength, the power, the conviction, the skill and the confidence to know that we can then go through another brickwall.  For the brick walls are to keep other people out people that don't want things, that are not this not gonna keep us out.  So, we're devising exercise routines that will challenge you in ways you've never been challenged before but it's only because we want you to be able to then see similar challenges outside here and realize you've been prepared to do it.