Guarding the Mind: Mental Training Techniques for the Athlete

Hey everybody, Dr. Jim Hoven here with ProjectMOVE, givng you your latest installment of metal greatness.  We all know how important the body is when it comes to taking us to greatness within the athletic field or in the sports arena, wherever, but sometimes you forget how important the mind is so today I'm going to give you the next little installment which is "Guard the Doorway To Of Mind" and what that means to me is watch what you allow to go into your head.  So many of us fail to reach our potential not because we don't have the talent or the skill but rather because we let someone else tell us what we could or couldn't do.  It might've been our parents who didn't want to limit our greatest but just didn't want to hurt our feelings and they say well you might not be quite tall enough or fast enough or smart enough or born in the right part of town are a number of things like that.  Unfortunately if we buy into that or whether it comes from our teachers, our parents or friends or our churches or TV or radio we buy into that stuff it totally limits what we're able to do.  Now what the good news is that every person on the planet, you included, has the ability to watch to filter what you allow into your head so I'm gonna encourage you today to take that that promise that you have that ability very seriously and not allow things into your mind they don't serve your big vision and your dream.  That means know where you want to go and then only allow things and only feed that mind with things that support you in that journey I know that if you do that you'll be able to follow our mantra and be great!