Speed Development Tips

Hey guys, this is Coach Shane coming to you from ProjectMOVE -  CrossFit, yoga, sports performance.  Wanted to give you another speed tip for today, this is some things that you can work on on your own to help maximize your time in the gym when we're doing speed work.  So these are a couple things that you can do on to maximize your ankle range of motion.  What is kind of typical of our lifestyles we have raised heels on her shoes were kind of in this plantarflexion position of our feet a lot but when it comes to sprinting fast we really need to have this dorsiflexion capability in our ankle.  So the reason that's important is we need to be able to make contact with the ground directly under hips through the ball of the foot.

Here's a couple things that you can do on your own, just a little foot maintenance just rolling back-and-forth side-to-side, you will probably find some little knots or little pressure points that you can hang out with just a little bit more on a certain spot and move that back and forth just a little bit.  So, you can spend a minute to couple minutes on each foot, rolling the bottom of your feet.  Then, here's a double lacrosse ball basically this is a Rad Roller, all these things you can get from www.ragefitness.com, our partners.  What we're gonna do with the double ball is I'm now going to roll some of my Achilles tendon up through the soleus and the gastroc's just the backside part of the calf muscles.

Now, I'm gonna increase range of motion on the joint.  Just gonna move the knee back-and-forth just a little bit.  I can pull my heel off the ground just a little bit and then back down.  So I'm just going to work this for a little bit, work all the corners work a little bit in out.  Spend a minute to two minutes here and then after that should have pretty good ankle range of motion to be able to do sprint drills to be able to get into a forward lean get extension into the ground with the ball of the foot so that I can come through on sprint work and not be on the toes because of lack of range of motion in the ankles.  There are some drills that you can do on your own, let's get faster! www.projectmove.com check it out for more information!