Kettlebell Goblet Squat

Hey everybody it's Coach Justin come at you today from ProjectMOVE CrossFit, yoga and performance.  Today we're gonna work on goblet squats.  Goblet squat is great for increasing core strength, of course the glutes, quads and hamstrings but it's really gonna help you get deeper depth in your squats.  What you want to do is straddle the kettle bell and you gonna pick it up with two hands from the dead lift position and bring it up to just in front of your chest.  We want to keep the elbows in nice and tight on this one and I'm going to squat and really try to get down into a nice deep squat.  Important pointers are gonna be, like always, keeping our shoulders back and down and keeping our core engaged.  Alright so from this position like your dead lift position butt down chest up shoulders back in and take a deep breath and brace your core then your going to pull the kettlebell up and bring into this position here in front, elbows in nice and tight, feet are going to  be about hip to shoulder width appart with your toes pointed out slightly.  So as you go down you gonna go down nice controled, keeping those knees out of the toes and then drive up.  So down nice and controlled, squeeze your glutes, stand tall, breathing out.  Awesome!  Careful setting it down in that same dead lift position make sure you always practice perfect form.  Again doing about 30 seconds work with 30 seconds rest here is going to give you a nice cardio workout and is great for building strength.  So if you want to come check out a class come to ProjectMOVE check us out at and get on the MOVE!