10,000 Hour Mindset - Building Movement Mastery

Hello everyone Dr. Jim Hoven with ProjectMOVE here again going through the mental aspects of becoming great.  Today's message I have for you I learned from a guy named Malcolm Gladwell and he's a phenomenal writer I hope you have a chance to take a look at any one of a series of books sometime.  One of the concepts that he gave me that I'll never forget is called the 10,000 hour rule.  Some of you may have heard of the 10,000 rule, essentially what it means is this, that if you want to achieve mastery anything, anything at all in your life, whether it's on or off the athletic field it's if it's in your business or in your academic studies whatever you want, if you will put 10,000 hours into that you will become a master.  Now some of you might say "10,000 hours how can I possibly do that?"  The answer is one hour at a time.  So in our gym, when we're here working with athletes you'll see all this equipment behind me, it's all developed it's all put in place to help that athlete develop the 10,000 hour mindset.  To get them ready to put in the effort, put in the time, put in the sweat to become great cause and nothing happens overnight, there is no such thing as overnight successes.  In fact, if you want an example of that the Beatles, which came to America and hit the Ed Sullivan show they thought, oh my goodness what are these guys come from!  They had their 10,000 hours well passed by the time they got to America.  They would go to Germany and they would play in these clubs for 10 and 12 hours at a time so they got to 10,000 hours very very quickly so by the time they came here and by the time anyone noticed them they were masters of their craft.  You can do that to!  To get the 10,000 hours start today!  Know exactly what you want to do, stay focused and we know that's the formula for success.  Just 10,000 hours.  The question to you is, how many do you have under your belt so far?   What can you do today to get some more hours logged?  If you have more questions about the 10,000 hour rule check us out a www.projectmove.com and shoot us a question will help you out!