Focus and Grit - Mental Toughness for the Athlete

Hi, Dr. Jim Hoven here at ProjectMOVE and I want to help you get the most out of the mental side training and get the best results possible.  Have you ever wondered what the top couple things that elite level athletes and successful people have done in their lives to create the results they have gotten?  I've had the opportunity of taking care of a lot of athletes, high-level athletes and I work with a lot of people and do a lot of consulting work with people who have done amazing things in her life.  Some of them have broken records, other people just become really great people and what I find out from them when I interview them and talk to them and ask them, what is it that they've done in their life to help them become great, they let me in on the secret of two major things, just two, that they apply to try to be greater every single day.  You know those are?  The first one is focus and the second one is what we call grit.

Now research has shown, this is pretty amazing to me that focus is one thing but it's the grit that really counts.  So if we define those out for you, focus simply means putting your attention on something not diverting from it but really putting your attention on it over a period of time.  Grit on the other hand refers to doing that as long as it takes until you get the results that you want.  That's what I love so much about the combination of the two, if you put focused attention on your goals and your dreams on the actions it takes to get those done and then you apply the principle of grit, grit meaning if you fall down you get back up if you don't get it this month you try again next month, you never ever stop believing that you'll do it and then you keep on doing it.  Keep on keeping on as the saying goes.  So as you work toward your goals and go to the mental state of fitness it's all about focus and it's all about grit to get grit in your life really, really purpose on writing down what you need to do and feel what it feels like to go the extra mile.  When it hurts embrace it, when you're going to that extra sprint, that extra rep, that extra workout, take that in and know that you are becoming stronger every time and let the fuel you to move you towards developing more grit.  When it comes to focus just visualize what you want to be.  Visualize what you want to do and stay in the moment.  Just understand that it takes time and see yourself achieving it.   And so focus and grit, I know if you do those things you'll get the same kind of results that these others that I've worked with got and we believe in you.  If you want to learn more about focus and grit go to and look for a blog there.  Or send us a question and we would be happy to answer for you.  Again, I'm Dr. Jim Hoven and I'm telling you be great!