Insight from Rocky Balboa

That’s how winnin’ is done!!!” This classic line comes from one of the Rocky movies and was spoken by the movie’s hero, Rocky Balboa to his son who was going through a challenging time in his life and needed some “tough love” from Dad. In the scene where Rocky shouts out, “That’s how winnin’ is done!” he had been talking about how life can be hard, and how it doesn’t matter who you are, you are “gonna get hit”. The point that Rocky wanted give his son was that it’s not about the number of times a person gets knocked down by life, but rather the number of times the person gets back up that determines success.
I know from personal experience (as I’m sure you do as well) that life does have a way of sending some unique and “special” challenges for each of us that can knock us down…sometimes LITERALLY! In all of the people I’ve studied and known that would be considered Winners, I’ve seen two characteristics again and again that helped them get up and keep going. Those two characteristics are Focus and Grit.
We can define Focus as an active process of putting our attention on a specific task, thought or idea. Also, focus can be defined as being present in the moment we are in! Focus should be placed on things that are immediate (right in front of us) as well as things and ideas that relate to our future. To improve focus, try the following:
1. Write a list of goals you intend to accomplish (results you intend to achieve) over the next 1 year:
a.Chunk that list down to what needs to be accomplished in the next quarter to achieve that goal.
b.Chunk that list down to what needs to be accomplished in the month to achieve that goal.
2. Write down a list of things that need to be done today and this week that will get our most important tasks accomplished.
3. Actively check off the items from your list as you complete them. This will give you a sense of accomplishment and success that will create momentum. Momentum, like a wave can carry you far once you have it moving in a positive direction.
Grit is a term that researchers have found to have more importance than talent when it comes to accomplishing big things in life. Grit refers to the ability to “keep getting up” (thanks, Rocky!), time after time. It can also be called Persistence. Refusing to stop is the signature sign that someone has Grit. To develop Grit, give these two things a try:
1. See yourself having already accomplished the desires of your heart. Napoleon Hill said long ago, “What the mind can conceive and believe, the person can achieve.
2. Become “Tough”. Look for opportunities that challenge you. Once you overcome them, realize that you became stronger because of your effort. Use that strength to tackle more and more challenges, and soon you’ll be full of Grit.