Great Questions

Say What?????
That two word sentence summarizes today’s thought about Being Great.
One of the biggest things a person can do to learn anything faster and to get better in any area of life is to become a GREAT question-asker. Asking questions, really good questions opens the door to you getting information that helps you move forward a pace faster than anything you could do on your own. This is because the act of asking a question leads to a response that comes in the form of an answer. Think about this for a moment…has there ever been a difficult problem solved without first asking a question? For example, what would have happened had someone not asked, “Is it possible for man to fly?” Had someone not dared to ask that question, we would have never been able to travel by airplane, and we certainly would have never made it to the moon!! It’s the question that leads to the answer, so learning to ask questions is super-important if we are to get the answers we want and need to make the most of our lives and to become GREAT!
It’s easy to see why asking great questions is important, so let’s talk about who we should be asking these great questions to:
1. Ask Yourself. So many times, we look around for answers to some of the toughest questions we face. That’s not unusual, of course. We’ve always been told what the best way to behave and to think is by our parents, our teachers, our religious leaders and our friends. The TV, radio and computer round out the many sources that always seem to have advice for us, regardless of whether we ask for it or not. Unfortunately in the middle of all the noise coming in from outside of ourselves, we forget or neglect to ask ourselves what is right for us. That’s not to say that we can’t or shouldn’t ask for help from others, but if we don’t develop our own philosophy for living, we will forever be at the mercy of others who think that they know what is best for us. It’s my deep belief that our Creator put inside each of us all of the basic wisdom that we need in order to find the special path and journey that we came here to discover.
2. Ask Trusted Experts. No one person is an expert in every area of life…nobody! That means that different questions and problems are going to require different people to give us advice and answers. When looking for the right person to ask your question to, consider the following questions:
a. Has this person been through what I’m dealing with right now and come through it stronger and better? If they have, consider their advice to be sound. If they haven’t, keep looking for a better person to ask.
b. Does this person have my best interest in mind? If the person cares for you and wants the best for you, they are likely to give you the bst of themselves to help you!
3. Ask your Spiritual Source for help. Regardless of the God you worship or the way you express your spirituality, realizing that there is something bigger than you who wants the best for you will bring you peace in times where you need it. Finding answers to the BIG questions in life gets easier and easier when you know that you have access to a never-ending supply of intelligence and love if you will just quiet your mind, open your heart, and talk with God, expecting an answer! That said, it’s not always the answer you wanted or that you thought would come, but if you’ll be open and expect the best, you’ll find that it comes to you in the most interesting and amazing ways!