ACL Injury Prevention Program: Neuromuscular Control is the key

A recent (2015) study  in the British Journal of Sports Medicine (Effect of Evidence Based Prevention Training on Neuromuscular and Bio-mechanical Risk Factors for ACL Injury in Adolescent Female Athletes: A Randomized Controlled Trial) found that a 12-week injury prevention program in addition to training and match play in adolescent females altered the pattern of agonist-antagonist muscle pre-activity during side cutting. This may represent a more ACL-protective motor strategy. At Project Move, coaches Shane Miller and Joel Patrick are adamant about movement proficiency and control before loading the system. Movement preparation drills are critical in setting the stage for success. That is why we screen all athletes using our Movement Appraisal/Movement Preparation system to adequately identify and address movement faults that can lead to future catastrophic sports injuries. If you are in question if your child athlete is at risk, don't hesitate to contact us for a "Strategy Session" with one of our movement specialists (doctors, coaches).
At ProjectMOVE, we are committed to your safety.