con·sist·en·cy: The Glue that Holds us Together

As of late we have, at ProjectMOVE, discussed what were our Core Values. The values that define us, that guide us, that represent what we are all about. The worst, and best, example of consistency is McDonald's. They are, for good and bad, consistent in what they deliver - the Big Mac. From Denver, CO to Shanghai the Big Mac is consistent and consumers appreciate it. At ProjectMOVE, we too strive to be consistent. We work hard to maintain consistency in our programming, consistency in our facility, in our message, in our vision. We demand a consistent environment to allow our  'movers' a platform to focus on optimizing their potential.
Here comes your side of the bargain - maintaining consistency in your training. We can't store fitness, wellness, movement efficiency. Like maintaining your teeth, your spine, your health and movement literacy must be challenged daily. Maintaining a consistent, within reason of course, schedule of movement will bathe your system in an environment that will foster better health and quality.
So, in closing, consistency is a responsibility that must be maintained from the mover and the coach, The coach and the facility, the community and the world. Consistency is the glue that keeps up together.
Keep at it my friends.
Dr. Steven Capobianco