October Fitness Challenge

OctoberFit Challenge

OctoberFit - ProjectMOVE’s plan to be healthy and fit going into the holiday season.


Showing up is half the battle. As no surprise to anyone, the members who attend the most training sessions in a month get the most results. Our number one goal for you in October is to ATTEND MORE SESSIONS! We will incentivize and reward attendance in the month of October. Attendance will be calculated based on ZenPlanner check-in status.
The more you train the more likely you are to win a prize. Those attending the following sessions in the month will be entered to win the following prizes.
Level 1 Prizes - Minimum 12 sessions

  • Roll RockTape

  • ProjectMOVE Aluminum Water Bottle

  • RAGE Gymnastics Grip

  • RAGE Wrist Wrap

Level 2 Prizes - Minimum 16 sessions

  • Fall Design ProjectMOVE T-Shirt

  • Fall Design ProjectMOVE Hoodie

  • Fall Design ProjectMOVE Socks

  • Case of FitAid

Level 3 Prizes - Minimum 20 sessions

  • 4 Private Sessions with Coach Shane Miller

  • 4 Private Sessions with Coach Justin Rewa

  • 4 Private Sessions with Dr. Joel Greco

  • Free month membership


We want you to take your game to the next level and TEST your fitness. OctoberFit will find ProjectMOVE’s Fittest Athletes. The competition will be separated into male and female Level 1&2 athletes and Level 3&4 Athletes.

  1. Athletes must identify what level they will compete for the month of October, 1&2 or 3&4

  2. A minimum of 20 training days to qualify for prizes and the title “ProjectMOVE’s Fitest”

  3. Athlete score points based on their placement on the leaderboard in sugarwod. If athlete comes in 1st, that athlete receives 1 point, 2nd - 2 points, 7th - 7 points. The athlete will accumulate points over the entire month of training. The athlete with the lowest score wins. Note: PM Coaches are allowed to compete for the title of “ProjectMOVE’s Fittest” but are not eligible for prizes.

For Both Men and Women:
First Place: Free Month Membership and Nano 5.0s
Second Place: RockTape Mobsta Kit
Third Place: ProjectMOVE Hoodie and Socks


Nutrition is the key to success. We Challenge you to commit perfect nutrition. You may choose from several options but we want you to commit to 24 days of focused nutrition.  Below are some options and resources for you.  Also, feel free to talk with any coach or staff members about what options are available to you at ProjectMOVE to get you eating right this month!

Advocare 24 Day Challenge - Contact Coach Joel for more information at joel@projectmove.com 

1 on 1 Nutrition Coaching at ProjectMOVE - Contact Coach Katie Starry for more information at katie@projectmove.com

Isagenix 30 Day Challenge - Contact PM member Adria Tate to purchase or for more details: 303-810-8050 or at adriatate@hotmail.com

Robb Wolf’s Paleo Challenge also see PaleOMG for recipes

Whole 30 Challenge