Movement As Medicine by Dr Steve Capobianco

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Exceptional Living Workshop Series: "Movement as Medicine:  How to Use Movement as a Prescription for Pain Relief and Anti-aging" 

 Presented by Dr. Steve Capobianco

Do you feel stiff, tired, tight? Are you aging a bit faster than you would like? Let international speaker and human movement expert, Dr. Steve Capobianco, show you how to use movement as medicine. You will learn how the body really works and moves (Hint: It’s not how you thought). He will also breakdown several movement based disciplines and show you their strengths and weaknesses and ultimately help everyone who attends construct a simple daily 5 minute Movement Prescription that will energize your body and quiet your mind. If you enjoy yoga, pilates, weight lifting or exercise, you will boost your current practice. If you are a competitive athlete you will learn advanced concepts to help take your training to another level. If you have somehow become a couch potato, this will give you just what you need to break your slump.

  • WHO: ProjectMOVE co-founder, Dr. Steve Capobianco speaks and teaches internationally on the topics of human movement, sports medicine, and fascial movement science. With over 20 years of clinical experience and research as a practicing sports chiropractor and medical director for kinesiology taping company RockTape, Dr. Capobianco is a leader in the science of human movement and brings an authentic and accurate perspective to help people utilize the new science of human kinetics in practical ways to feel and perform better.

  • WHERE: ProjectMOVE Studio 4925 S Santa Fe Dr #100S, Littleton, CO 80120 303-730-MOVE

  • WHEN: Wednesday July 23rd 6:45-7:45PM