You have goals. We will give you a coach, a plan, and a community to achieve those goals.

We know how hard it can be to achieve health and fitness goals. We understand how a person can feel lost in the sea of information and options available in the world of diet and exercise.

At ProjectMOVE we have a proven formula to achieve long lasting health, fitness, and performance results. This formula has worked for all ages, genders, and fitness experience. We will give you a coach, a plan, and a community.


A coach will guide you every step of the way. We will take all the guess work out of your workout. We will make sure you are moving with the proper progression, correct technique, and motivate you to a safe and effective workout.


While our plans are customizable, our general plan is to build the human body into a well moving, strong, efficient machine that is ready for any challenge. We train for a general physical preparedness so that we are ready for any challenge life may throw at us. Our plan is proven to reduce body fat, increase lean muscle, and get you performing at a high level, not only giving you a body you are proud of wearing out in the world, but one that can meet life's demands.


We are a group of like minded people here to both challenge you and support you all the way to reaching and exceeding your goals. We work hard together, celebrate each others successes, and genuinely enjoy being in community with one another.