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“A Whole New Ball Game”

ballgame“I’ve done all kinds of workouts. Spin class, bootcamps at the gym, kickboxing, videos, dance, my own workouts, etc. You name it, I’ve done some version of it and I clearly didn’t stick to any of them! F.I.T. is a whole new ball game. With videos, you can slack all you want. Who’s there to judge? Classes at the gym – sure there’s someone showing you what to do.. But do they really care if your form is off or if you sneak out early because you quit? No.

With F.I.T. you WILL want to quit during the class because it’s damn hard and Nathan will push you because he KNOWS you’re capable of completing the workout no matter how much we say, “I can’t!” HOWEVER.. you feel like a champ when you finish and to be honest, when I go to the gym (now), it’s a piece of cake because this class MAKES you stronger. Period.

If you are serious about improving your strength and your athleticism, try it. Just once. Guaranteed you will be back for more. Unless you’re a sissy. Then stick to your bogus 2lb 30rep workouts and leave the real work for the F.I.T. crew. Feel good about yourself and bless yourself with a longer life. Get F.I.T.!!!” – Jennifer H.

Luke Leinweber

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